12 Aug 2012

Avatar of 'The Decent Stalker'

 'The Decent Stalker' is a novel symbol, metaphor existing in reality. Stalking is an inevitable truth. One needs to stalk perpetually with perseverance what they dream . An actor persistently stalks his acting abilities, his belief to become an actor. He stalks producers and directors to bag roles. His consistent stalking embedded with the most significant element- decency makes him a star. A scientist stalks the field of discoveries to revel new inventions. A spiritual guru stalks knowledge above the realm of reality. The moment one ceases his dream, his ambitions, his search, his thoughts; all of it dissolves into thin air.

The element of decency is a premier must. For the actor, it would be his constant practice. For the scientist, it would be the continuous research. For the spiritual guru, it would be his search for knowledge. Sans 'decency', stalking is as futile as an egg without the yellow and white portions.

The Decent Stalker exists in all of us.

The Decent Stalker, also known as The Decent Stalker of SRK compiles her thoughts, opinions, views and reviews during her decent stalking sagas (Psst... her forte - SRK) and presents them on this blog.