19 Feb 2013

Vocals by SRK

Watching the opening of the Filmfare awards for the second time when aired just a couple of days back, a song sung by SRK began with lights, cameras and dance.
'Vocals by SRK, eh?'; went the jealous mongers again. This one little comment made me ponder and resort to Google for R&D.

'Singing' as sweet the word itself may sound is actually one of the most dreaded acts for most people. Imagine yourself relaxing in a room filled with your family and friends, and you are suddenly tapped on your back when pin drop silence floods the room; 'sing something for us', request the F & F's (Family and Friends). Most people did say they would just stare at the floor, blush, praying that they were spared. Some in turn asked the person placing the not-very-welcomed request to sing instead; 'You are a better singer any day. Let us all hear it from you'. This very person too rejects 9 out of 10 times.

So this very act of singing, which might seem so melodious when a master of singing sings, it does make many sound like toads croaking in embarrassment, it does make many sweat and stumble, and yes it does activate the hormone activated when the body senses threat or fear.

On the other hand, there are people who do anything and make that anything look good. So it's not the 'thing' that enhances their appeal, but they make the thing look beautiful. SRK is one such person. I'm sure not every non-singer can be aired on national television as he sings.

16 Feb 2013

SRK appointed for India's PR - by default

Recollecting all the swaying dance moves, the signature step and continually overjoyed screams of the fans; a lot more of thought bubbles just popped up. SRK's performance at the Temptations Reloaded show in Muscat on Valentine's Day did no doubt leave every Indian as well as non-Indians beating faster and struck with love. It makes me wonder the elements that aide the PR for India.Alright let us admit it (and if you can't, get sense injected into you soon), our political leaders rarely contribute to positive PR. So the only remaining elements that help in creating the positive PR are the business heads, Indian art and literature and Indian cinema.

I'll keep the business heads aside for now, let them strike their deals, make it to world's richest lists and continue to make our economy better and rolling with booms. Indian art and literature is marvelous and always spoken about right from the time India built its first fort. It's okay if you don't know when that was, you just need to know it does help in India's PR. Indian cinema is again a massive expression of the creative left brain. An integral part of this cinema, Shah Rukh Khan, does make me stalk the biggest query bubble in my head at the moment.Wouldn't we lack terribly in PR, if he wasn't born in India?

I doubt thousands of girls and guys from across borders would screech and even faint at the airport if any of our politicians arrived. SRK, the actor from India does create a ruckus at airports, which I feel is great PR for India.

I haven't seen hordes of people, all EMITTING LOVE outside 10 Janpath, 7 Race Course Road, Rashtrapati Bhavan, 10 Downing Street, unlike outside Mannat. Hence, Mannat turns a tourist attraction in India.

Statistically, there are more people worldwide who didn't wash their hands for a week after a handshake with SRK than after an handshake with a hand that craves for votes like a mad cow. People flock down to the place where this Indian actor is, just like it happened in Muscat.

SRK sells more than any politician from the poster stands in Holy Streets. These posters of an Indian actor do generate employment and money.

We get to know about so many awards like UNESCO awards and many more, just because SRK bags them. Most haven't heard of something called the Rabbi Martin Katzenstein Award, because SRK's name isn't associated with it yet.

Yale and Harvard invite SRK more than somebody who attends the parliamentary sessions of their country.

And compared to most other elements who contribute to our positive PR, he is thankfully highly goodlooking. Many do judge a book by its cover; like they judge Mumbai based on its roads.