17 Apr 2013

SRK - a better leader than Rahul Gandhi!

The recent comment on my previous post by Smruti got me thinking.
' hey decent stalker... Do you think SRK can be a good leader for India? or how about Rahul Gandhi?'

@Smruti and all others, so here is my next post. This one's not only the voice of The Decent Stalker but I'm sure it's the enthusiastic, energetic and zealous voice of billions of other Indian youngsters. The title of my post is a clear and bold reply to your query. Let me add on the voice of Young India to it; SRK may not be a member of the Parliament and may not also want to be a part of it till eternity. Fair enough! The same goes for many of us; we wouldn't want to get into politics. What matters is how we make our own little effort to benefit the people of this nation, how we inspire other people to work towards the benefit of this nation and how we lead our future generations (even if we don't have out butts stuck onto the power seat).

Each of us has a dream. Yes sure we want it to benefit us (no one wants 'not to have money') but it will surely benefit  people around us and India on the whole. Be it in the field of business or entertainment or spirituality. We need inspiration.  We need motivation. We need role models. We don't care if our role models smoke or drink. We don't care if our role models are covered in white or wear torn jeans displaying skin. We don't care if they are old or young. All we need is dynamic role- models who motivate and inspire us. Considering the above factors of being able to inspire, act as a role model and provide a tiny bit of motivation, SRK already seems a bigger and better leader than Rahul Gandhi.

We aren't sitting in that 'seat of power'. We don't have the power wherein one phone call made to some authority can kill a rapist. We do hope that people having conquered this seat of power (and seem least interested to give others a chance) make that one phone call. But Alas, we instead  see hoards of crores pumped into 'some form of humans' who just raped one of our people. We also see people who don't hold that seat of power, someone like SRK and Farhan Akhtar trying to get some sense into society through the MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) campaign. Once again let me remind you we (including celebs), don't hold that power wherein we can enter Tihar/ Arthur Road jail and ensure justice. We don't have mummyjis who rule India, nor do we have family friends who are Prime Ministers, so we can't even put in a word to our mummy or family friends to use their power to ensure justice.

We end up doing something like holding a protest outside Rashtrapati Bhavan wherein the owners refuse to even come out, and prefer being seated on plush sofas. We launch a campaign. We try pumping some sense into the people. We promote humanity. We remain sensitive to all communities, races and genders through all our acts and words. We ensure that no person loses hope in our beautiful country.

 We don't play the blame game. We don't end up giving speeches which support/ defame a particular community, race or gender. We don't mock.

We are highly tired of speeches and words. We don't have reason to care about the number of seats the UPA has gained or lost. We don't see any reason to care if Rahul has gone to Trinity College and obtained a distinction. NUMBERS aren't going to help the farmer who doesn't have a single light bulb in his home. NUMBERS aren't going to help the man who is striving to collect money for his daughter's education. NUMBERS aren't going to help the family who lost their son in 'one of the recent' blasts. Yet we don't lose hope in our beautiful country because we see somebody like SRK adopting five villages to provide them electricity,  funding the education of kids of people who work for him, creating the children's ward at a Hospital or putting in his money for relief funds to help people who have been victims of natural calamities. We see somebody getting up from that plush sofa and telling us humanity still exists.

So if a person who doesn't hold that seat of power and still can motivate and inspire us, I am sure he can be the best leader! There is someone that continues to instill hope. There is someone who motivates us to act. There is someone who inspires up to work towards betterment.

P.S: All I know is that if SRK contests elections, he is acquiring a hell lot of votes. And that's going to be a big blow to all the power imbibed so-called leaders :P What a scene. #Epic.

Let each one of us do our bit for this beautiful country. Cheers!

Love Decent Stalker

6 Apr 2013

Whom to stalk in IPL?

Hooting. Howling. Hat-trick.
I watched the repeat telecast of last evening's match. Today's match was about to begin in the next hour.
I turned the volume down when my friend gave me a ring 'I'll enter the stadium in about 20 minutes. Whom do I stalk?', she asked frantically.
Usually before an IPL match and all the excitement - by default - embedded within it starts,  most sapiens who have gone to see it ask;
'Hey, you have the camera, no?'
 'Hey honey, do you need popcorn now? I'm not getting it in the middle of the match!'
'My eye makeup is alright, no? There are cameras placing people's thopras on the big screen the entire time.'
'Soo soo kiya?'
'Whom do I stalk?' isn't a cliched, conventional or expected question to be asked before an IPL match.

'Stalk the match, silly.' I promptly replied.

'It's going to be crazy. There are match players, celebrities in the V.I.P boxes, I really don't know whom to keep my eyes on. It is like that one incident at a party, a host offered me a tray full of chocolates, there was milk,there was silk, there was guilt, there was dark, there was one with a silver mark; amidst all the guilt I was still deciding which one to choose.' she narrated like a hungry buzzing bee waiting to sting to calm itself.

'So which one did you finally pick?' I asked her.

'All' she said.

'All? You're a greedy guest.' I chuckled.

'All, in my day dream. None, in reality. The host had moved on with her treasure to the other guest who was relishing the one with the silver mark.' she said with a tone of despair. 'I don't want to end up in a similar scene today. I'm going to keep my eyes on only one person. But I don't know whom. I love all.' she added melodramatically.

Before I could talk 'Oh crap, I'm a minute away from entering. I still haven't made up my mind.' She hung up; I thought so or probably the bad signal disconnected the line.

My hyperly-over-hyper friend needed an answer, or she wouldn't be able to enjoy today's match. She had slogged for the tickets. Not to forget 'sleeplessness', 'faking excuses at work', 'screaming' garnished with 'bribing'. I would never utilize all the mentioned '....' to obtain one single piece of paper.

I called her, she wouldn't answer. 15 seconds later her text graced my phone.

'In security check. Plz text me whom to stalk.'

'You have already finished stalking. Now treat yourself by enjoying yourself.' I replied.

'Finished? Treat?' came her prompt text.

'You already stalked your aim to obtain that ticket.' I wrote back.

'You're right. It's done. The fat lady just tore it too. I'm off to enjoy the match' came her calm text.