19 Feb 2013

Vocals by SRK

Watching the opening of the Filmfare awards for the second time when aired just a couple of days back, a song sung by SRK began with lights, cameras and dance.
'Vocals by SRK, eh?'; went the jealous mongers again. This one little comment made me ponder and resort to Google for R&D.

'Singing' as sweet the word itself may sound is actually one of the most dreaded acts for most people. Imagine yourself relaxing in a room filled with your family and friends, and you are suddenly tapped on your back when pin drop silence floods the room; 'sing something for us', request the F & F's (Family and Friends). Most people did say they would just stare at the floor, blush, praying that they were spared. Some in turn asked the person placing the not-very-welcomed request to sing instead; 'You are a better singer any day. Let us all hear it from you'. This very person too rejects 9 out of 10 times.

So this very act of singing, which might seem so melodious when a master of singing sings, it does make many sound like toads croaking in embarrassment, it does make many sweat and stumble, and yes it does activate the hormone activated when the body senses threat or fear.

On the other hand, there are people who do anything and make that anything look good. So it's not the 'thing' that enhances their appeal, but they make the thing look beautiful. SRK is one such person. I'm sure not every non-singer can be aired on national television as he sings.


  1. Hahahhaha.....good one indeed! I want to know Decent Stalker - what is it that makes one keep stalking in life? Till what extent can one go to Stalk one's dream?

    1. Hi Karan,

      To attain anything in life, you need to stalk it. Be it food, friendship, aims, etc.One can go to ANY extent to stalk his dream, but in my view all of it should be done decently. You can't really 'steal' your neighbour's food if you're stalking a cheeseburger since morning, unless you want to end up in a nice lovely fight that attracts all passerbys. Cheers!

  2. Rakshita - SRK fan20 February 2013 at 23:59

    I really do sound like a frog when I sing, even if i have the company of music....

  3. its more about attitude and confidence


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