17 May 2013

Stalking thoughts; fearlessly, freely

Restless, furious, ghastly entities!
The first emotions these words bring to our minds: fear, avoidance, dislike, disgust.
But let’s think tangently, let’s keep all our conditioned thinking aside, let’s think damn freely.
An entity that is restless, furious and ghastly can fill our eternally stirring souls with peace. Sit beside such a river, waterfall or dance to head banging music. You will feel serenity. It’s quite miraculous how restlessness can lead to serenity, how fierceness can bring calmness.
Similarly, we need to think freely to bring out the best in us. Don’t believe me? Well, that is upto you. But what wonders can thinking in the same monotonous way do?

“But I just spent 400 bucks… rather wasted 400,” Dippy told me frantically. I finally met her, after having to have waited for her on a road we considered ‘peaceful’ for more than 30 minutes. We were fascinated by the concept of inner peace from the film Kungfu Panda, and were in search of it. Sounds stupid? Let it sound that way.

“It wasn’t your fault, Dips. The auto you were in was stranded in traffic. The meter rose” I tried consoling her.

“Rose quite rapidly.” She responded furiously. She was collecting money to buy a new camera. Every single rupee was highly precious to her. It’s rare to see such people these days who value literally every single rupee; but when you do encounter Dippys in life, you do feel inspired and learn so much.

“Maybe you should earn it back.” I couldn’t think of anything to say. This was what came out from my vocal chords.

“Hell yes, and I’m earning it back in the next half an hour.”

She had formed a pact. The goal had to be met in the next half an hour. She usually, almost always till date, would carry out her said task. She wouldn’t accept delays; and I’m sure she wouldn’t even take them well.

We two stood on some random road; two to three people passed at a frequency of thirty minutes on that road. A car or an auto made special appearances on special occasions. Our resources were Dippy’s empty wallet, my wallet housing 50 rupees with a whole lot of tissue papers. Clean ones! Now, we needed to think, almost instantly, of a business model that would give us a turnover of rupees 400, on an average, per 30 minutes.

Selling something concrete was the most conventional idea. Few empty packets of Lays and Parle G lied on the road. We couldn’t sell those for obvious reasons. Thankfully that day, there was nothing there or nothing that we had carried that we could sell, or we would think conventionally eternally until we merrily turned hundred.

Conning people didn’t hold a chance. Dude, we are highly ethical people! The only time when we lose our ethics is when we push the other one standing infront of the AC, doping in all the cool air at a time when the city turns into an oven.

So coming back to the situation we were in. I stalked our talents to evaluate what could aide us now. She had great engineering knowledge which wouldn’t work now. I made great unburnt bread which wasn’t really feasible now. Both of us sang like frogs, danced like zombies and mimicked like pirated DVDs. This was all we could use now.

“We should” said Dippy.

“Everyone has heard melodious singing, witnessed mind boggling dancing and heard jaw dropping mimicry. Let’s give people something new.” she added with great enthusiasm.

Two people were passing; we didn’t know when the next lot of humans capable of giving us money would pass. We had to do it now. I, thankfully, didn’t have much time to think conventionally. Thankfully, I didn’t have enough time to ponder about making a fool of myself.

I sang; I mean I croaked. Dippy danced, it looked more like a rundown car trying to start its rusted engine. The two people held an expression which said they would run away right then and swear not to come back onto that road even if the spaceship that could save humanity from the end of the world stood there. They did as we forecasted. They screamed on the top of their lungs and liver, cried and ran away.

I and Dippy felt good as well as guilty. We felt good as we had atleast applied our free thinking. We felt guilty of scaring away the people.

A group of around 10 people suddenly came onto that road. This herd included the two people we had just frightened. Had they bought their friends to beat us up or arrest us for creating fear?
Their eyeballs searched… for us. Their radar caught us. 
The two people said “Once more, for them”, pointing to the herd. 

“You got to watch them”, the two laughed and told the rest of the group. We realised that what we thought was their ‘cry’ when they ran away a few minutes ago was actually their ‘laugh’. Yes, some people have this laugh which sounds like a cry. Variety.

Dippy showed me the time on the watch. We just had 4 minutes before we could pocket the said rupees 400 as per our set goal.

Thankfully, it again didn’t give me time to think conventionally. It’s funny but true; when we have less time to think we take the best decisions.

 I thought to myself “What the hell!!!”

I croaked again and Dippy made those rundown car moves.

“That’s great talent I’ve seen” said one of them, who was an action director.

They left. Dippy waved to them with a rupees 500 note in her hand.

Making roughly 500 per half an hour can amount to a turnover of 8000 per day, which can amount to roughly 2 lakhs plus per month. Our fearless free thinking did create a good business model.


  1. I do agree.
    one needs to think freely, even crazily, to bring out something new.

  2. bang ON!!!
    that is one good business model

  3. good write up
    enjoyed reading and also good learning

  4. read about your blog in toi. in bollywood section.
    its cool, decent stalker

  5. does salman also has such a decent stalker?
    i dont think soo..
    its okay, sallu you cant have all the good things

  6. srk is fearless. see how well he is dealing with his shoulder pain.
    I pray he recovers at the earliest!!!
    we miss him!!!1

  7. srk is the real tiger, unlike others


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