7 Mar 2013

Stalking The Mind

The sun set, like it always did. The crowd enlarged; there were all sizes, types, shapes and personalities. The promenade resembled a mini version of the Kumbhmela. The only difference was that here people wore clothes.

With the purpose to 'chill', I and my friend decided to laze around on the promenade and add a bit of 'value' to our chilling spree. (It actually was really hot! And just to disgust you, the sweat flowing generously from the crowd did make it stinky). So here we were, two humans with great knowledge of psychology (dude, I topped the finals and you didn't), decided to put psychology into practice.

We randomly picked up the concept of 'mind control'.

'So wanna try it?' my friend asked me as she frisked her pocket for the Oreo cookies. None were to be found. The morsels were. Gobbled Instantly. (Yes, we do keep biscuits in our pockets, that too the yummy chocolatey ones. Too bad, if you're feeling tempted or disgusted. Go get your own pack!)

We decided to experiment with a theory; not exactly sure about what it preaches, so we made up part of it or rather completely modified it. Tell me who doesn't these days?

We needed to stare at some sweating person SITTING on the promenade. Then we needed to talk something in our mind like 'Look at me' or better still 'Come and give me a Rs.1000 note.' We needed  to BELIEVE that the person would listen to our command. We needed to BELIEVE that the person's mind would receive the message and act upon it. Hopefully more than act - more than Rs. 1000.

Gazing. staring. Glancing...

We began searching for our target. Everyone just seemed the same - sane, sweaty and visibly a part of the crowd. We needed a person we could remember forever. The person had to be worthy of our newly formed mind control theory.

Gazing. staring. Glancing...

A robe. Pyjamas. Loose.
Dusty hairdo. His hair were longer than mine.
Props - broom.
Accesories - way too many.
Gait - not sure what to call it - walk, jump, switch path, twirl.
Verbal utterances - mantras and sounds 'Lola Hola'.
A Sadhu claiming to know magical. mantras, probably a shy one who couldn't participate in the Kumbhmela, or maybe sent back from Spain.

This one looked like an interesting person (if he believed to be one; I mean these guys do think they are above people. How cool, we have atleast somebody whose worse than us.) to apply mind control upon. He walked in his different fashion. We stalked him. We needed him to sit so we could focus on him. A few moments later, he sat. We positioned ourselves opposite him. He stared at a dog who was lying there and hit his broom on his back. The dog barked and ran way.

We, the eternal dog lovers, turned more keen to make this Sadhu pay.
We began. Our minds chanted to his, 'Apologise to the Dog'. We didnt know how long it was before we still chanted 'Apologise to the Dog'.

He got up and began walking. We stalked him. Was he going to apologise to the dog, who now sat near the kiddie playing spot?

He arrived near the dog. He held his broom firmer than before and raised it.

He cried. He apologised. He walked away.

I and my friend had to rejoice, right? After all, our mind-boggling experiment had worked.
We felt too clean, our hair felt too neat, our clothes felt too tight, we felt highly sane. It felt our mind was still stalking his. We instruted ours to stop stalking his. We felt clean, neat and sane again. But I'm not sure what the kids around us thought when we burst into laughter for the next ten minutes..

Nor did we care...


  1. Wahahahah... I'm trying this tomorrow......

  2. :> very well described. couldn't the dog bite him?

  3. Replies
    1. Menaka, why do you think it is eery? I have been practicing meditation since age six , and from what my teacher has taught is that meditation when achieved at a higher level does help one gain some mind control techniques.

  4. Leha, i do not deny that mind control can be achieved.i too have read about it.my logic for stating it being eerie was for different purposes altogether.and it was meant for the author to decipher.

  5. i would have focussed my mind on the dog and asked him to bite the fellow. the dog gets flesh.all ends well

    1. what if it backfires?

  6. hey decent stalker, write about some Khan...


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