19 Mar 2013

Stalking K

‘K’ – it bags all the privilege in the film & television industry. Call it astrology, pseudopsychology, sheer luck or mere coincidence, the letter K is auspicious for its beholders. The K serials are money minters, the people born with the K surname do hold higher brownie points for future stardom than the non-K holders, the people having had their surname changed to something from the premier K  list have earned their share of fame, awards and money from the industry.  These are facts, stated as well as observed. 

‘So are you telling me a letter can actually contribute a certain percentage to success?’ I asked one of the stars who was born with the K surname, who also coincidentally is a good friend. I’ll address him as K for now. 

‘It’s more about convincing your mind’ K told me. ‘Once your mind knows it’s a part of the K – Gang, it does feel accepted; even be it solely a connection or similarity of the surname.’ 

‘So once the mind feels accepted, it would work better towards the goal, right?’ I asked K.

‘It’s like all the ingredients are in the bowl, now you just need to make a good dish out of it.’ K told me as his phone rang. He had to leave. 

 How could a single letter motivate somebody so much towards success? After all it is said what's in a name? (I say, A LOT! But what's in a surname?) I wanted to understand more of this. I decided to go and meet an astrologer who helps K with the naming and mahurats of the films he works in. 

I finally got an appointment after a fortnight. With a lighter pocket, I asked the astrologer ‘How does the letter K contribute to the success of people in the film and television business?'

He opened his orange booklet and pointed at few geometrical figures embedded with text. ‘The planets support the letter K, and deem it as most auspicious for the people in this line.’ He told me with a smile on his face.

‘What happens to remaining twenty-five letters?’ I asked him. He removed a massive red box file. He flipped through a few pages before he continued

‘In business, it’s A, H, B.
W, K, R and J get its footage in real estate.
M, W for educational institutions.
But it is subject to change depending on various traits of the individual.’

 Here I had two viewpoints about the letter K; the astrological one and the one sans the ‘astro’ element , the logical one. I had to pick one to answer my query. You know how unanswered queries can literally haunt you and make you go restless as if a mosquito has pinged you.
I once again thought about both the viewpoints. I was stalking every word said by both – the astro and the logic. I was recollecting. I needed an answer. I decided to text K to know more about this letter game. The reply helped me place the full stop.

‘I would have been a star even if my surname didn’t bear the initial K. 
But the guy who changed his surname to bear an initial K few years back,
 is also a great star today.

So yeah, I got my answer;
‘a letter can actually contribute a certain percentage to success, if you think it can…’
It’s not a letter game, but a hardworking mind game.


  1. true. even i feel it is more about hardwork..

  2. Many stars have changed their surnames so that it begins with the K. But I don't understand the logic in it. I feel it's just a useless show, just to show that they too are a Khan, Kapoor or a Kumar. There is only one khan, kapoor and kumar (oh, and maybe me...as my surname too is kumar- from birth!)

    1. How can you say it is useless??? It is more about belief. If i feel having a K in my fly name can make me the next top star, I will surely get that K in my surname.

    2. Obviously.it is utter uselessless. Try changing your surname,and then let me know if you've achieved stardom, just due to that change.

  3. Pleezz tell me which k was it? was it shahrukh? I am his biggg fan and love him. If you can't write publicly, please email it to me: somaiya23@gmail.com
    thank you

  4. Was it ShahRukh? lemme know 2..pleasee. decent stalker or somaiya....anyone..

  5. i think logic and astro, each contribute 50% to 100% success. but if K says its more of logic...and if that K is srK, then i'm with the same opinion :P

  6. why can't it be just mere luck that aftr changing a name, success has come into a persons life


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