3 Feb 2014

Stalking Rahul Baba: WOW moments at the interview

There have been heaps of criticism and spoofing around this one interview. But guys, we just missed out on the WOW moments which surely taught us so much. (seriously!)
 I sat before the television set, waiting for the interview to air. One of the homosapiens contesting to preside over India would be talking to us...
For a moment I thought I had tuned into the humour-filled ‘The Week that Wasn’t’ show. I saw myself giggling a lot at an interview meant to discuss our nation’s future. But trust me, this interview had several WOW moments.

You were finally on air.

Did I go like ‘WOW. What a charismatic leader’?
I actually was like ‘WOW... that was funny’. (WOW) It takes efforts to be funny.

Did I understand the answers?
I haven’t ever understood mugged answers.  But rote learning was at its best. Okay, so you memorise words. I’m sure more than a lakh kids do that as well. But you also mugged up your emotions. (WOW) You had the same expression all throughout. That’s stability. (WOW, again) And when you decided to flash a smile, you quickly cloaked it with that serious face. That's called being quick. (WOW)
I get it. You need to ‘look’ serious (literally) so we think you’re too busy with work. I did that when I was too bored of paying attention back in college.

You surely were a better pick. Were you?
You were better than Arnab this time. (WOW) Arnab, Karan Thappar and a few more interviewers, can make you pretty uncomfortable by shooting questions. What you did was epic. He asked you some serious questions about India, and you answered back with equally serious questions. (WOW)
Exactly, so how does one go about empowering women? Ask us. 
How should the core committee be chosen? Ask us.

A little more of the WOW-dom I took from that interview were three letters- RTI (wow. #such achievement #much brag), few more questions posed by Rahul Baba and ‘hopefully-not-true’ visions.

I had a great laugh. I think some good amount of blood was generated in my body. The nation got a good amount of mugged answers, a topic to make a spoof video, a topic to write a blog on. But beyond that..... (wait, let me ask my mum how to end this post...)


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